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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Tearful Shahada & About The Paper

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I have something to share with you. This is from FB..


Today, whilst on our regular Dawah Stall in London, we experienced an emotional testimony to Islam.

A middle aged White English lady rushed past the stall with her daughter whilst we tried to offer her a leaflet inviting her to the oneness of God. Only seconds later she turned back after walking away approximately 50 yards she came back and said...
"Sorry what are you selling? my daughter said something about a Qur'an."

After she acknowledged what we were calling for she said I would like to know more, I'm really looking into Islam. After 15min of dialogue she asked..
"Now what? What do I do, I want to go heaven I agree to all of this..?"
Thereafter she took her shahada. She became very tearful after being told that her book of deeds is now like a new born baby. We then arranged a team of sisters who will be helping and liasing with her.

Help us to print more copies. It only costs £3 (approx) to print one copy. Our printing target for 2013 is £500, 000. (every penny goes towards printing costs - 100% donation policy)

Imagine the reward for all deeds done subsequent to them embracing Islam - copied onto your scales. 

Obtain your copy for Dawah.

And another one that I find interesting is this video below,  u should watch it too. Masyaallah..amazing!

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Schajar McFlurry said...

Amazing! kalau nak dapat hidayah, macam-macam cara Allah akan beri :)